Civil Design Group (CDG.) are an architectural and engineering consultant, founded on May 25, 1993 with a registered capital of 4.00 million bahts respectively. CDG. Comprise three offices, the head office is located at CD. GROUP BUILDING 14/55 Moo 1 Srinakarin Rd., Soi Supapong 8, Nongbon, Praves Bangkok 10250. CDG. Office are assemble a group of technocrat, well-trained and high calibre in their career. Since established, CDG. Have handled over 50,000 million bahts or 2,000 million US.$ , in various fields of project.

Address : Civil Design Group Co.,Ltd.
CD. Group Building
14/55 Moo 1 Srinakarin Rd.,
Soi Supapong 8, Nongbon , Praves
Bangkok 10250, Thailand
Tel. 0-2748-1490-7
Fax. 0-2748-1151

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